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Enterprise Rent-A-Car is an American car rental company headquartered in Clayton, Missouri, United States in Greater St. Louis. In addition to car rental, Enterprise also oversees commercial fleet management, used car sales, and commercial truck rental operations.

Janet mentioned, "My family rented a Enterprise car for our OBX vacation for 7 days. When I received my bill from my credit card I was billed for ten days. To compound that, I was also sent a bill for damage that I am certain we didn’t cause. I have spoken to 2 different representatives in the last month. Each time I was told this needed to go to upper management. Each time I was told I would be called in 2 to 3 days. Still waiting. I am now going to instruct my credit card to dispute this fraud. Never using Enterprise again."


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Former Employee - Car Detailer says

"Not much in the way of growth opportunities"

Former Employee - Car Prep says

"They stopped giving us food"

Former Employee - Enterprise Rent A Car - Assistant Manager says

"If you like cleaning cars, in 100 degree weather in your nicest suit"

Former Employee - Car Prep says

"Well lets see, I want to write an essay on how lame my four years here were, but I know that is kind of pointless in a simple review but Im doing it anyway. One of my many issues with my experience here was the pay. In my four years as a car prep, I never got a pay raise, until recently when the minimum wage went up to $15, but they still paid me $14, so there is that. Now before I got laid off, I was going to go back to college so I could join the internship program to become an MT, but well Coronavirus happened, and every single part time employee in my region was also given the boot. (Give me a break Enterprise, you are a fortune 250 company that makes $30B+ a year). At one time I was literally the only car prep at my branch, and I can never recall a time when my branch was properly staffed number wise, which I believe is probably the most prevalent and most cited con at this job. The whole sales culture really bothered me, and I understand the sales and profits aspect of a car rental company, but it was just like really really forced. I could see it in my coworkers faces every time they had to drive down for "training," if thats really what you can call it. Its basically corporate area managers and vice regional managers forcing sales Koolaid down your throat, trying to get you to commit 110% to sales and ESQI, and no matter how angry a customer is or how poorly they are behaving, just do whatever the customer wants and kiss their butt. I had several conversations with some of my MT coworkers, and they just all kind of felt the same. There is no work/life balance, the hours are grueling, customers can be the worst people you will ever meet,(I met some of the crappiest people in my life while working here). Everything about this company is about making corporate look good no matter how childish and undeserving a customer may be, and the call center system is very poorly set up. I saw them when they were stressed, and it bothered me to see them so overwhelmed by all these negative factors that sadly are the work environment that Enterprise has decided to establish. DO NOT WORK HERE!!!"

Current Employee - Car Detailer says

"they want you to clean 4 cars an hour which is no big deal once you're use to it, but then that isn't even enough half the time and if all of the cars are not cleaned before the end of the day they want you to stay late to do more. Half the time you're the only person there cleaning cars so if more than 4 cars are returned within an hour there's pretty much no hope of catching up. If the branch is open on Sunday and you're the only person there just don't even worry about trying to leave on time because most branches are closed Sunday and all car returns for the day will be coming right to you."

Former Employee - Account Executive - Car Sales says

"Low base salary based on 50+ hours per week, far too promotional opportunities, unable to post for opportunities outside of your area or region despite the company being nationwide"

Car Prep says

"It used to be fun but old guys that run the show."

Former Employee - Car Prep says

"Worked 40+ hour weeks for months, never considered full time and no overtime no benifits, low pay, took 4 years of $.33/hour bonuses to finally make what was promised originally"

Current Employee - Car Prep (Service Agent) says

"Washing a large number of vehicles in extreme temperatures. Managers were not concerned with hydration of employees in trying conditions. Front desk employees were not kind. After I was liad off, the front desk employees were required to wash cars - in business casual clothing - until they found a replacement."

Former Employee - Car Prep says

"Very poorly managed. It is a dead end job unless you have a college degree. If you don't have one you're not going anywhere in the company. They claim to be the top rental car company and make all kinds of money but yet they don't appreciate the one's that help them make all that money and DO NOT give pay raises"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Don’t let them fool you that this is the “dream job right out of college”. Unless you want to be highly overworked and highly underpaid, don’t work for them. I performed my entire time with this company, and even decided to stay aboard and help out during COVID when others chose to stay home.. and was laid off and classified as “not rehire-able”. What company would do that to an employee who devoted their every day life to the job?Stay away and far, far away. Nothing.Poor Work life balance, micro management, unrealistic sales goals, poor leadership, etc."

Management Assistant (Former Employee) says

"No help, no rental cars, feed employees booze. I would rather wander the streets homeless than work for them. They are abusive, manipulative and worthless. Stay Away"

Management Trainee (Former Employee) says

"Please do not take this job if you are a good person. They will work your tirelessly and then when you need a day off for appointments they do not provide that. If you are sick they will make you feel terrible for calling out. If you get hurt at work they shrug you off to figure out how to get help on your own. Management is all about money, this is not so much of a management development company but more of a money motivated. Every level of management will stress you out on a daily basis just because they make sure there are no cars to rent because that is how they make the most money. I do not know anyone in the company that is living the 6 years 6 figures dream, most leave far before that for jobs that pay way more. And when COVID hit, they lowered people on to totem pole and lowered their pay. Meanwhile, the company was given government money to keep employees on but could not manage that. The job security they tell you that you will have, is not there when disaster strikes. They will tell you they did not lay anyone off in 2008, a lie. They will probably try to tell you they did not lay anyone off during COVID...lies.Unlimited overtimeNo breaks, stress, No work life balance at all, they do not care about anything but making sure lots are empty at night."

Fleet Controller (Former Employee) says

"Want a job that rewards work shy colleagues with taking work off them? Want a job where staff honestly hate working? A place where your value is worthless by certain manager? Where your thoughts and feedback go unanswered? Then this is the place. It’s where dreams go to die.Made friends for life.The whole job and toxic environment that the office exudes."

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Branch manager loved yelling at the employees, usually about someone else’s mistake . He would literally walk in the lunch room (when we’re clocked off) and yell and scream about his displeasure with an employee who wasn’t there. He would be in his office on the phone using profanity in ear shot of customers, all the time. Zero class.Drive new carsLong days, rarely got off on time"

Car prep (Former Employee) says

"the company is a horrible company , you will not have a personal life and school , the managers are very self caring people, would never work for them again, benefits are horrible, company believes in education but won't invest in it."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"All this company thinks about you is that your just a warm body to make them money. They will call you while you are out on FMLA and fire you the day after it runs out even if your in the hospital. They have no respect for their employees what so everNoneDon't work here"

Senior Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend this company. Call Center is micro-managed to the last second you have to use the restroom. Management has a fast turn over. I heard some one say, if you don't like your boss stick around.... it will change and it did. All 8 of them! Once they started kicking people out the door and sending them at home to work the atmosphere and attitude of employees really changed from We Value Our Employee's to " if you don't like it, there is the door". A typical day was back to back phone calls because they never could hire enough people or get them to stay. Work place is your own home and you are not allowed to even enter the main office. Once they sent you home, they took away your badge. Sending agents home really changed this company to the worst.Good BenifitsMicro management and huge turn-over of employees and managers"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company is a great company for advancement but doesn't truly care for its employees. only bottom line matters and they will fire you if you disagree."

Gestionnaire (Former Employee) says

"Je ne recommande absolument pas. Très mauvaises conditions de travail"

Management Trainee (Former Employee) says

"There is no work life balance. You are pressured to be dishonest in selling product. Work crazy hours for little pay. There is room to move up if you are motivated and dedicated."

Reservationist (Former Employee) says

"There is no job work/life balance. There is no job security or advancement for this position. You don't have a lot of interaction with other employees. There are a lot of hurdles to receive a raise. Information on policies are hard to locate and finding someone in the company to speak with is too complicated.The best part was the customers and being at home.Being at homepay, schedules, breaks, training"

Management Trainee (Former Employee) says

"This company is cut-throat and negative. The hours are long, the pay is terrible, and the management is incompetent. I would not recommend this company."

Assistant Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"The environment at Enterprise consists of long working hours and sometimes no lunch break during the shift. The job also consists of maintaining sales goals on a monthly basis, in the event this does not happen the employee can be terminated.Employee OutingsNo breaks, and barely lunch breaks as well as long hours"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Terrible work environment, gross facilities, flaky customers and coworkers alike all led to this job being a overly terrible experience."

Administrator, Temporary (Former Employee) says

"It is insulting to the corporate world that such a creature exists in modern business environment. The only thing that drives this company is greed. You will be squeezed and trashed. They pay cheap and extract a lot from you. Those who work there permanently or long term are definitely desperate or don't manage to find anything better. So my advice is stay away from this company for your own dignity, unless you want to go undercovered to write some sellable story.None that I know ofLow pay, long working hour, no respect"

Car Prep (Former Employee) says

"There was no communication between the management and the preps. And what's to learn? We washed cars? We washed in the oppressive heat. We washed in the bitter cold. Management was pathetic, and the pay was a joke. I will say that the guys I worked with were good people. Prepping cars isn't a job for the faint of heart.It was a check.Bad management. No benefits. Sub-par equipment. Lousy pay"

Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"low pay high stress, fast pace so not friendly to older workers.... and they talk bad about customers behind their backs. worked nights and weekends. I was the guy that cleans the cars. outside in the cold and hot weather.quitting.low pay stress"

Manager Assistant (Current Employee) says

"I didn't enjoy working at Comcast because there was never a chance for advancement but I did learn customer service skills that have helped me with my career at Enterprise Truck rental."

Reservation Specialist (Current Employee) says

"unprofessional management staff, no support, poor training staff, Takes weeks for tech support to troubleshoot any issues agents may have arise.working from homeno guidance"

lm says

"the worst rental company out there, if you cannot find another company call UBER, seriously enterprise sucks, had the worst experience ever many years ago, never went back, just had accident with Geico insurance, they suck too, collaborative scam, no cars available for days then offer you a car more than insurance will cover so you get to pay more!!!! "

screwed by Geico AND enterprise says


Vishal S says

"I made reservation weeks in advance and they were not having a car at the last minute and no other options were available. They were completely helpless, ruined my plans. Stupidly one was suggesting me to cancel the booking and try other rental companies. I won't suggest to use them, they are not reliable."

Anita Jojic says

"DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. After a non fault accident my insurance provided me with a rental car from Enterprise. After the insurance company extended the car hire & paid them in full they still chose to dip into my bank account and take £1189.64. Numerous emails & phone calls later they are still refusing to reimburse. They are a robbing company who do not deserve to be still trading. AVOID AT ALL COSTS."

Val Frompovicz says

"Enterprise Car Rental is the worst company I’ve ever seen so far. They are trying to charge me with a car theft, although the car was rented legally, had to hire a criminal attorney to deal with them. Customer service is awful, a regional manager has very poor communication skills. Beware of them."

Nicolas Romero says

"The car rental company Enterprise in Split, Croatia refused to give us the car because we had physical debit cards (all 3 passengers). They refused the digital credit card I had on Apple Pay (which technically is a credit card). I never saw in the conditions that we can't use a digital credit card. I offered them to "pay" the 1000€ supplier excess until I give back the car at the end of the journey (since we also took the AXA insurance) but they refused to help us and were pretty agressive the whole time. They tried to make us cancel the booking and pay for another car with cash (600€) which seems like a sneaky and dishonest way to take advantage of a stressful situation. They were telling us that the car companies have the same conditions which was obviously not the case."

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